Mix Box 100, 50, 25 pcs

Brand Mamatayoe
Size S - XXL
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The Spanish casual-chic fashion designed for those who love originality and unique style. Brightly colored designs of tunics, jackets, skirts, dresses and much more charmed every woman / girl regardless of age and body proportions.

Clothes are brand new, still packed in polybag. Not shop returns!

Mix proportions:
jackets, coats – 10
knits, cardigans - 15
dresses - 21
skirts - 12
tunics - 13
t-shirts - 22
accessories - 7



babuska babuska_d1 babuska_d2 babuska_d3 abuele abuele_d abuele_d1 abuele_d2 berenice_marie berenice_d1 berenice_marie_d cayetana cayetana_d cayetana_d1 dorothy dorothy_d dorothy_d1 amelie amelie_d geraldine anglica anglica_d antoinette antoinette_d antoinette_d1 candela candela_d candela_d1 catalina catalina_d catalina_d1 chiara chiara_d chiara_d1 elizabeth elizabeth_d georgette georgette_d georgette_d1 georgette_d2 macarena macarena_d mormor mormor_d mormor_d1 nona nonna_d nona_d goya goya_d goya_d1 grazia grazia_d hannah hannah_d annick annick_d filippa_d filippa nathalie nathalie_d tata_babicka tata_d lola lola_d babicka babicka_d bianca bianca_d bianca_d1 elodie elodie_d emily emily_d franceska genevieve genevieve_d goya_montserrat jacinta jacinta_d1 jacinta_d2 jacinta_d4 jacinta_d5 karin karin_d momy momy_d renatta renatta_d rowena rowena_d simona simona_d simona_d1 valerie valerie_d mildred mildred_d wilma wilma_d wilma_d1 yaya yaya_d abigail abigail_d bibi bibi_d1 bibi_d2 bibi_d3 colette colette_d colette_d1 colette_d2 giuliana giuliana_d paola paola_d giovanna nenek nenek_d sandrine